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Dermal Fillers in Lucerne Terrace, Orlando, FL at The Health Carpenter

Dermal Fillers in Orlando, FL

Dermal Fillers are injectable treatments to smooth wrinkles and lines, restore volume, and improve facial contours. These filters are typically made from substances like hyaluronic acid, naturally found in the skin, or other biocompatible materials. They work by filling in wrinkles or adding volume to the lips, cheeks, and jawline. The treatment can also improve the skin’s overall texture by providing hydration and stimulating collagen production.

Dermal Fillers in Orlando, FL, are an excellent treatment for people who want to improve their facial features without surgery. Results are usually immediate, and the effects can last from six months to over a year, depending on the type of filler used and the area treated. It may be necessary to undergo follow-up treatments to maintain the results. Book an appointment at The Health Carpenter in Orlando, FL, to recommend the best options based on your aesthetic goals.

Hyaluronic Acid-Based Fillers

Belotero® (Merz)

Range includes fillers that integrate seamlessly into the skin, filling wrinkles and folding them with a smooth finish. It’s particularly effective for treating fine lines around the mouth and under the eyes.

Revanesse® Lips™ (Revanesse)

is designed specifically for lip augmentation; this product provides volume and definition to lips while maintaining a natural look and feel.

Revanesse® Versa™ (Revanesse)

is a versatile hyaluronic acid filler that can treat moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds. There is a 12-month shelf life for its results.

Restylane® Defyne (Galderma)

targets deep expression lines; it smoothes deep laugh lines (nasolabial folds and marionette lines) while allowing natural movement.

Restylane® Kysse (Galderma)

is ideal for enhancing lips and correcting lip lines. It provides flexibility and a natural look.

Restylane® Refyne (Galderma)

is signed to help soften laughter wrinkles while maintaining your expression in motion.

Restylane® Lyft (Galderma)

it is perfect for restoring volume to the cheeks and hands, Lyft provides lift and contouring to the midface area.

Juvéderm® Volbella (Allergan)

is ideal for augmenting the lips and correcting perioral lines. It offers subtle volume to the lips as well as reduction of lines around the mouth.

Juvéderm® Voluma (Allergan)

it is specifically designed for deep injection in the cheek area, Voluma enhances volume beneath the skin’s surface, which provides lift and contour to the cheek area.

Calcium-Based Fillers

Radiesse® (Merz):

Contains calcium hydroxylapatite, a substance naturally found in human bones. It is used to smooth nasolabial folds, moderate to severe facial wrinkles, and enhance volume in the cheeks and other facial areas. Radiesse® can also rejuvenate hands.

Benefits of Dermal Fillers


Adults of any age who want to diminish facial lines, restore volume, or enhance facial contours are good candidates for dermal fillers.
A dermal filler injection usually results in immediate results.
The effects of dermal fillers can last from six months to over a year, depending on the product used and the area treated.
Dermal filler treatments usually require minimal downtime. The most common side effects are temporary redness, swelling, and bruising at the injection site.
Prevent bruising by avoiding alcohol, aspirin, and anti-inflammatory drugs before treatment. In the days following treatment, you should avoid excessive sun exposure and keep the treated area clean.
It is injected into the targeted areas with a fine needle or cannula. The procedure is quick, typically lasting about 30 minutes, and discomfort is minimal due to local anesthesia or pre-applied numbing cream.


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