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Women’s Sexual Health services in Lucerne Terrace Orlando FL at The Health Carpenter

Women’s Health in Orlando, FL

Women’s Sexual Health services offer a range of treatments designed to enhance sexual function and overall genital health. These include innovative procedures like the Orgasm Shot (O-Shot) and topical treatments like Scream Cream. The O-Shot involves injecting the patient’s platelet-rich plasma (PRP) into areas around the vagina to stimulate cellular regeneration and increase blood flow, enhancing sensitivity and sexual response. Scream Cream, containing ingredients like sildenafil, is applied topically to increase local blood flow, improving lubrication and orgasmic response during sexual activity.

Women’s Health in Orlando, FL, is designed for women experiencing sexual dysfunction or those seeking to enhance their sexual health and pleasure. These treatments are suited for women of any age who face issues such as low sexual desire, difficulty achieving orgasm, or physical discomfort during intercourse. Results can vary, but many women report improvements shortly after the initial treatment, with continued benefits with ongoing use. Boost your sexual health with The Health Carpenter in Orlando, FL; book your appointment and discover how we can help you feel confident and healthy.

Women's Health Treatments

Orgasm Shot (O-Shot)

This treatment involves the injection of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) derived from the patient’s blood into specific areas around the vagina. The O-Shot aims to enhance sexual arousal, improve natural lubrication, and increase the frequency and intensity of orgasms by stimulating the growth of new cells and improving blood flow to the vaginal area.

Scream Cream (Topical Sildenafil)

Scream Cream is a topical medication applied directly to the genital area to enhance sexual pleasure and response. During sexual activity, it may improve sensitivity and produce more robust orgasms by increasing blood flow to the region containing sildenafil, the active ingredient in Viagra.

Benefits of Women's Sexual Health Services


Women experiencing sexual dysfunction or decreased libido or those looking to enhance sexual function and pleasure are ideal candidates.

Some treatments offer more immediate effects, and results can be seen as soon as a few days after treatment.

The duration of results can vary; some treatments may require periodic sessions to maintain their effect.

Most treatments have minimal to no downtime. Side effects, if any, are typically mild and short-lived.

Following your healthcare provider’s pre-treatment guidelines, such as avoiding certain medications, is crucial. Post-treatment, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and following specific aftercare instructions will help extend the benefits.

Treatments are usually quick and performed in a clinical setting. Depending on the service, you may experience minimal discomfort. Discussing each therapy with your healthcare provider beforehand will outline what to expect.


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